Self portrait with myself on the back some years bebore,  2017


Alfonso Momeñe was born in Bilbao, Spain in 1968. In 1989 he travels to the United States where he undertakes studies in cinema and photography. Settled in Miami he dedicates himself to professional photography where he begins to work at Miami Today a local newspaper. He goes on to specialize in the fields of fashion, portrait and commercial photography where he is retained by prominent firms such as The Walt Disney Company, American Airlines and Eastman Kodak among others. His works have been featured in publications such as The Best of Photography Annual 1993 & 1994 and his book Theresienstadt, a Concentration camp: photographs by Alfonso Momene and magazines such as Foto Profesional, La Fotografia, UK Magazine, American Photo Magazine and Forum Magazine. His works have also been featured in numerous expos and galleries in both Europe as well as the United States. In 1997 he founded NADAR, school of photography. Nowadays Momeñe lives in Bilbao his native city.